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Some Of Crafts@EGYPT Customers Feedbacks:

Mr Ronald Cherkasly   UK    Silver Cartouche with Gold letters.

I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the silver cartouche. The quality is excellent and I plan to visit your site again to look at some of your other offerings. I may want to get a second cartouche in all gold. Thanks again for the very prompt service and the quality of the piece.

Ronald Cherkasly.

Mrs Karen Neidigh   USA   Gold Cartouche.

I have received my order and it is beautiful!! I am sure my Daughter-in-law will be very pleased. Thank you for the prompt service. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

karen neidigh.

Ms Annie  USA   Hip Scarf.

Thank you all at Shop at Egypt Team for my beautiful hip scarf, and the lovely gift of the necklace and earrings, which arrived at my house this morning. What a fantastic, fast service you give! I go to my dance group class tomorrow evening, and I will be telling them all about your excellent service. Thank you all again. 


Mrs Deborah Pankopf  USA   Belly Dancing Costumes.

Dear Mr. Fayed. Yes I have received the items that I order and i am very pleased. I have seen many sites offering these types of items on the internet. But I was most impressed with your site and I am real pleased with the merchandise. I also like the fact that they are items that come directly from Egypt as well. You have a repeat customer in me. Thank you again. I would like to see more articles of womens dress as well as the elaborat 
belly dancing costumes. I am learning to dance but only for my family. Thank you again ,and have a nice day. 


Ms Krista Wiest   USA   Cartouche Ring.

Mr. Fayed Thank you very much. Your genorosity is greatly appreciated. I am sure we will be doing business in the future.

Krista Wiest

Mr Alex Main    UK     Leather Jewelry Box.

Thank you
I have received my order and was absolutely delighted with the product and the speed of delivery. Thank you again.

Alex Main

Ms  Amy Corey     USA    Beledi Dress.

Hello Mohamed,
I received the order and I love it! The dresses are beautiful and I will certainly enjoy wearing and dancing in them. Thank you so much for the extra gift and all of your assistance. I look forward to ordering and speaking with you again soon.

Mr  Jonathan Day     UK     Statue and Papyrus.

Everything received in good order. Thanks for an efficient services.

Jonathan Day

A.L.Powell, Georgia, USA

Fantastic! Workmanship, quality and timely delivery! I purchased a personalized Cartouche for my wife, and she couldn't be happier. That makes me happy too. I read all the testimonials before placing my order, and I was confident that Shop@Eygpt would live up to all the testimonials. They were 'Right On"...you live up to every word of praise given...and I hope you will allow me to add my "Thank You, Well Done" as well..


Angela Hart. U.K.

Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for my order. The rings are excellent, I love the bangles! As for the earrings they are lovely! Thank you so much for the extras! Once again you have done me proud. I really appreciate the effort you put into my order. Thank everyone at shop at Egypt! I am over the moon! My mate loves the Ankh ring! I better be careful I think she wants to borrow it! No chance - its mine!!!

Best wishes to you and your family.

Take care,

Hope the post card gets there!

egyptian alabaster

Customer satisfaction is our main priority so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, email us and we'll try and help.




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